MoneyBall Medicine: Tom Davenport on the Analytics Gap in Healthcare

Hear Tom Davenport argue that the healthcare industry is way behind in its use of big-data analytics software to make smarter decisions about business and patient care.

MoneyBall Medicine - Milind Kamkolkar on Seeing the Forest and the Trees at Cellarity

Harry welcomes Milind Kamkolkar back to the program. The former Sanofi exec is now the chief data and digital officer at Cellarity, a Flagship Pioneering-backed therapeutics startup working to model cell behavior computationally in order to identify new drug targets and therapies.

MoneyBall Medicine: Chris Boone of Pfizer on Being a Data Hippie

This week Harry talks with Chris Boone, a leader of Pfizer’s effort to use new types of real-world data on patients—from insurance claims to lab tests to molecular profiles to data from wearable health sensor—to speed up drug discovery, development, and testing.

47th Annual Tufts CSDD Postgraduate Course in Clinical Pharmacology, Drug Development and Regulation

The 47th Annual Tufts CSDD Postgraduate Course in Clinical Pharmacology, Drug Development and Regulation is the longest-running annual professional development program in the biopharma space...

Podcast: NextGen Health (Microsoft)

Healthcare is undergoing a massive transformation. With the introduction of intelligent technologies, healthcare providers can dramatically improve how they deliver their services and interact with their patients. In NextGen Health by Microsoft, learn how emerging technologies like machine learning and AI improve operations and care while ensuring that sensitive data remains secure.

Pharma’s AlphaGo Moment: For the First Time AI Has Designed and Validated a New Drug Candidate in Days

Insilico Medicine has succeeded in using AI to design a new molecule from scratch in 21 days and validate it in 25 days. This is the first time that the potential for AI in the Pharma industry has been validated in practice, moving from theory into reality.

MoneyBall Medicine: Massimo Buscema on AI and What We Can and Can't See in the Human Body

Harry’s talks to Massimo Buscema, director of the Semeion Research Center in Rome, Italy, and a full professor at the University of Colorado at Denver.

MoneyBall Medicine: Robert Green on the Impact of Individual Genomic Data

Hear Robert Green talk about how genomic data is being used, and the impact of genomics on various stakeholders in the healthcare system.

AI-Friendly CEOs and Board Members in Pharma and Tech Corporations

Today Deep Knowledge Analytics published AI-Friendly CEOs and Board Members in Pharma and Tech Corporations.

Assessing Productivity of Pharmaceutical AI: Any Results Beyond Hype?

Current widespread interest towards artificial intelligence (AI) and its numerous research and commercial successes was largely catalyzed by several landmark breakthroughs in 2012

Leading Change at Pfizer: A conversation with Chris Boone

A conversation with Chris Boone, Vice President, Head of Real World Data and Analytics Center of Excellence Pfizer, which explores his mission for the impact of real-world evidence in life sciences.

Draft 2019 agenda released

See the latest session topics and industry leading speakers on the 1.5 day agenda, with AI Applications in R&D, Clinical Trials and Moving from the ‘Science of AI’ to ‘Using AI Tools in Pharma Science

Can AI Mitigate Risk In BioPharma ?

By 2018 Summit attendee, George Williams, Director of Data Science and Chief Evangelist, Embedded AI, GSI Technology

MoneyBall Medicine: AI Applications Biopharma Special Edition

Welcome to this special series of the Moneyball Medicine Podcast focused on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Analytics applied to Drug Discovery and Development.

MoneyBall Medicine: Leah Binder on How Price and Quality Transparency Helps Patients and Employers

Leapfrog Group president and CEO Leah Binder talks with Harry about data transparency and how it helps inform healthcare decisions by...

MoneyBall Medicine: John Glaser and how AI is affecting electronic medical records systems

Harry’s guest John Glaser, senior vice president of population health at Cerner, speculates on how business models in healthcare are changing and...

MoneyBall Medicine: Dekel Gelbman and how Machine Learning is changing rare disease diagnosis

Harry’s guest is Dekel Gelbman, founding CEO of FDNA. The company uses a combination of computer vision, deep learning, and...

MoneyBall Medicine: Jason Bahn and how AI and Machine Learning are enabling early disease detection

Jason Bahn, co-founder and chief medical officer of Prognos, joins Harry to talk about how machine learning is being used to dig into...

MoneyBall Medicine: Niven Narain and how AI and Machine Learning are changing drug discovery

Harry interviews Niven Narain, the co-founder, president and CEO of BERG, a Boston-based biopharma company driving the next generation of drugs and...

MoneyBall Medicine: Glenn Steele and how analytics are changing healthcare

Summit Chair, Harry Glorikian talks with Glenn Steele, chairmain of G. Steele Health Solutions and vice chairman of the Health Transformation Alliance...

MoneyBall Medicine: Dr. Robert Green on the impact of individual genomic data

Harry’s guest this week, Dr. Robert Green, is a professor of medicine and genetics at Harvard Medical School and director of the Genomes To People research program at Brigham & Women’s Hospital and the Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT.

MoneyBall Medicine: Sharon Terry on changes in drug discovery, diagnostics and the treatment of patients

Harry talks with Sharon Terry, president and CEO of Genetic Alliance, about the way drug discovery, diagnostics , and the treatment of patients are changing.

Solving the Life Science Industry’s Big Data Challenge

Summit speaker, Travis McCready, President & CEO of Massachusetts Life Sciences Center on how the life science industry can solve the big data challenge

How can biopharma companies meet the challenge of attracting AI talent?

Implementing AI technologies requires a team that can span experimental science and computation...

Interview: Henry Che, Gilead Sciences

2017 Summit Attendee Henry Che, Director of R&D Information Systems, Gilead Sciences talks about the progress he and his colleagues have made on the goals they set at the 2017 Summit...

Download 2018 Event Overview

The event overview is now available to download, it includes just some of the agenda highlights you can look forward to this year, featured speakers and the top reasons to attend.

The “Why”, “How” and “When” of AI in Pharmaceutical Innovation

Last year brought about new hope and even more hype around the idea of applying artificial intelligence (AI) for “revolutionizing” drug discovery...

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Setting the Stage – AI Investment and Applications in the Life Sciences

There continues to be strong interest within the life science and healthcare industries on innovations that can yield new actionable insights and improve operational efficiencies. With a full spectrum of validated applications spanning multiple industries, AI promises to deliver new capabilities...

Qrativ Interview: Using AI for drug discovery without spending MORE billions

In an all-new podcast, Daniel Faggella talks to Murali Aravamudan, Founder and CEO of AI-driven drug discovery startup Qrativ, a joint venture by the Mayo Clinic and biotech/data science firm nference. Murali and Daniel discuss the surge of medical information...

How the value of data is upending traditional business models in oncology

It’s 1990: ten years before the initial sequencing of the Human Genome Project was completed. Only ten years after the first clinical use of the MRI and still more than a decade before the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) would be enacted...

Gini Deshpande of NuMedii on Augmented Intelligence for Drug Discovery

This week Harry talks with Gini Deshpande, the co-founder and CEO of San Mateo, CA-based NuMedii, a company making judicious use of big data and AI to speed up drug discovery.