Why Attend?


Find out why this event is unmissable for those involved in biopharma


Find out why this event is unmissable for service providers seeking new partnerships and business

What makes the AI Applications Summit unique?

Attended by the brightest minds in science, AI technology and business strategy, The AI Applications in Biopharma Summit is an event like no other. Find out why you should attend the ‘who’s who’ of AI in pharma:

The Unique Format

Using minimal slides, with collaborative presenting and deep audience engagement.

Real-world Use Cases

Only real AI applications, not the hype, will be discussed.

High-level Speakers

From big pharma to AI platform companies, hear your peers’ first-hand experience, inputs, outputs and obstacles they have overcome or failures they are learning from.

Open and Honest Conversations

With cross discipline industry stakeholders all in one room, attendees leave with unparalleled knowledge and understanding.

Deep-dive Sessions

Three core areas where AI is gaining wider traction and deployment.

Why should Biopharma professionals attend?

  1. Find out how AI can reduce failure rates and the costs of discovery and development
  2. Demystify the practical applications of AI in improving efficiency via real-world case studies
  3. Learn how to orient your business model and culture for a smooth transition
  4. Understand the value of new collaborative models
  5. Hear from your peers, who are already working towards AI-enabled business models, and find out how they overcame the challenges involved

Why should Vendors attend?

  1. Meet key biopharma stakeholders who are hungry for solutions that will improve their efficiency and reduce costs
  2. Pitch your methodology to the industry’s top minds, and win business before your biggest competitors can enter the market
  3. Forge partnerships with innovative platform companies
  4. Find out what your competitors are working on to ensure you’re not falling behind