Bhanu Bahl, Ph.D., H3 Biomedicine

Bhanu Bahl, Ph.D. Bhanu is Head of Discovery Informatics, Data Sciences, at H3 Biomedicine, a cancer genomics drug discovery biopharma in collaboration with Eisai, a leading global pharmaceutical company. At H3, Bhanu oversees development of scientific data management and solutions that enable to create a data science driven prolific drug discovery engine. Bhanu has worked within large pharma, academia and biopharma and has implemented both commercial and open source technology solutions to support R&D functions. In her last position, as Head of R&D Information Sciences at Forma Therapeutics, Bhanu directed multiple informatics projects ranging from discovery to clinical. Before then, Bhanu was Director of Informatics at Harvard Clinical and Translational Science Center, leading development of multiple patient data sharing networks across hospitals (EMR & Labs) and research data across NIH funded CTSAs.


10:15 AM - 10:40 AM

Data Diversity and Access: Impacting Patients in Meaningful Ways and Avoiding Data Biases

Effective data management is the foundation of successful AI/ML use. This session will cover critical components of data management that you have to get right in order to use AI technology in meaningful ways.

  • How to apply FAIR Data Principles to scientific data management.
  • Challenges for establishing a data-driven drug discovery landscape.
  • Policy decisions that can help or hinder R&D.
  • How can AI be used to help make policy decisions impacting quality of data, standardization of data and access to data?
  • How can ML help avoid data biases and remove unintended bias from your data?

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