Dr. Michelle Longmire, Medable

Dr. Michelle Longmire Michelle Longmire MD, is Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Medable. Dr. Longmire is a Stanford-trained physician-entrepreneur dedicated to transforming healthcare through innovation. Dr. Longmire has a background in epigenetics, novel diagnostics, and imaging. She has published over 20 peer reviewed articles and holds patents in machine learning as applied to mobile health applications. Dr. Longmire founded Medable in 2014 to enable healthcare technology to be as seamless, integrated, and adaptive as the human body.


1:30 PM - 2:00 PM

Realizing the Potential of Virtual and Hybrid Clinical Trials

The need to increase the speed of patient recruitment, improve retention, and enhance data quality – all while lowering costs, has led to the current interest in virtual and hybrid clinical trials. The question is, how do you know when a virtual or hybrid study makes sense? This session will focus on the critical differences between traditional and virtual or hybrid trials that need to be considered.

  • What therapeutic areas are most effective using virtual and hybrid trials?
  • The importance of protocol design and a distribution and tracking plan for medication.
  • What steps need to be taken to ensure the safety of patients?
  • If the home is the new trial site, how is that different? What do you need to do differently from the start of the process through the end of the trial?
  • Understanding How Digital Therapeutics Will Change the Clinical Trial Paradigm.


  • Nitin Naik

    Nitin Naik Vice President-Global Life Sciences, Transformational Health Frost & Sullivan


  • Mohammed Ali

    Mohammed Ali Global Head Digital Trials- Global Clinical Operations Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

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