Dr. Gunaretnam (Guna) Rajagopal, Janssen Research & Development, A Johnson & Johnson Company

Dr. Gunaretnam (Guna) Rajagopal


3:55 PM - 4:25 PM

An AI Powered Project: Human Genetics & Drug Discovery

This session will discuss various projects and their potential impact on the industry when the big data derived from the human genome is married with breakthroughs from artificial intelligence.


  • Dr. Gunaretnam (Guna) Rajagopal

    Dr. Gunaretnam (Guna) Rajagopal VP Global Head – Computational Sciences, Discovery Sciences Janssen Research & Development, A Johnson & Johnson Company


  • John Reynders

    John Reynders Vice President, Data Science, Genomics, and Bioinformatics Alexion Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

    • Answering the question “how many rare diseases are there?” and navigating the rare-disease landscape with data sciences
    • If Amazon can recommend a book we might like, can we use AI to help a doctor ask the next right question to enable a rare-disease diagnosis?
    • How to set a world record in rare-disease diagnosis – hint: genomics + AI
  • Panna Sharma

    Panna Sharma CEO Lantern Pharma

    • How Lantern Pharma is revolutionizing the drug development process by implementing its RADR platform, which leverages AI, ML and genomics, to increase clinical trial success rates as well as reduce timelines and costs.
    • Use Cases for drugs LP100, LP184 and LP300

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