Dr. Gunaretnam (Guna) Rajagopal, Janssen Research & Development, A Johnson & Johnson Company

Dr. Gunaretnam (Guna) Rajagopal


9:00 AM - 9:25 AM

Breaking through the Bottleneck: A multi-omics Perspective on How Best to Use Data

How to best use data seems simple and straightforward, but in reality it is complicated and ambiguous. This high-powered session will cover how to best generate, evaluate and translate biomedical data into drug targets that lead to transformational, safe and effective medicines.
  • What AI/ML tools can support the phases of transitioning data from information to insight
  • What are the underlying infrastructure and data management systems that need to be in place to achieve these outcomes
  • How do you create a data ecosystem that translates and integrates diverse data from both internal and external partners into insight
  • AI tools that you can deploy to ensure data is an ongoing entity that evolves, continues to learn, and grows


  • Alex Aronov, Ph.D.

    Alex Aronov, Ph.D. Senior Director and Head, Enterprise Data Science Vertex Pharmaceuticals

  • Dr. Gunaretnam (Guna) Rajagopal

    Dr. Gunaretnam (Guna) Rajagopal VP Global Head – Computational Sciences, Discovery Sciences Janssen Research & Development, A Johnson & Johnson Company

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