Kate Hilyard, Ph.D., Healx

Kate Hilyard, Ph.D. Kate has always been driven to make a difference in patients’ lives, from her early academic research at Oxford and Harvard Universities, to leading drug discovery teams and organisations in industry. Prior to joining Healx, Kate was Corporate VP at Charles River Discovery, leading a team of over 400 drug discovery scientists in three countries. The client base was worldwide and under her leadership the organization delivered on average 3-4 preclinical drug candidates per year for its partners. Her 25+ years' industry experience includes senior leadership positions at Cambridge Antibody Technology as Director of Discovery Biology and Roche as Head of Inflammatory Diseases.


11:20 AM - 11:50 AM

R&D Use Cases Part II

Drug Discovery is a long process that AI technologies and tools are beginning to help shorten.  The speakers in this two-part R&D Use Case session will present information on current projects where they are applying AI.  They will cover the inputs and outcomes, as well as share insights from applying AI  to their discovery projects



  • Kate Hilyard, Ph.D.

    Kate Hilyard, Ph.D. Chief Operating Officer Healx

    The use of AI in accelerating new rare disease drugs towards the clinic
    This use case will discuss how AI enabled us to get from disease selection to clinical candidate selection for fragile X syndrome in 24 months.

    •  How AI and ML predict viable treatment options
    •  The importance of partnership and patient insight – FRAXA Research Foundation example
    • Preclinical proof of concept for fragile X syndrome
    •  Progression to clinical trials

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