Kimberly Alba McCord, PhDc, University of Basel, Switzerland

Kimberly Alba McCord, PhDc Kimberly Alba Mc Cord, MSc, is a PhD candidate at the Institute for Epidemiology and Biostatistics (CEB) of the University Hospital Basel, Switzerland. She has been trained as a licensed nurse practitioner and has worked many years in various hospital and community settings before becoming an Epidemiologist and working on the use of routinely collected data in clinical research.


2:25 PM - 2:45 PM

The Future of Clinical Trials Using AI

As cost pressures continue to escalate, AI/ML are becoming valuable tools to help sponsors more accurately predict the feasibility of trials in the design phase to mitigate the risk of delays and failure. Using AI in study design, and more effective study protocols, has the potential to reduce cycle time and cut costs to produce relatively faster ROI results. This session will cover how to integrate AI/ML into clinical trial design effectively including how using AI to analyze diverse and extensive data sets has the potential to shape insights from real-world data (RWD) into protocol designs.
  • Nitin Naik

    Nitin Naik Vice President-Global Life Sciences, Transformational Health Frost & Sullivan

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