Pablo Cingolani, AstraZeneca

Pablo Cingolani Pablo is a leader in computational biology and life sciences with vast experience in algorithms/methods development, engineering, big data analysis, AI/machine learning and cloud/high-performance computing. At AstraZeneca, he applies bioInformatics & AI techniques to improve research and drug development in Oncology.


3:15 PM - 3:50 PM

Patient Selection, Recruitment & Retention

  • Patient selection using AI to filter and improve results and share a roadmap explaining how the technology is being used.
  • How AI is changing the clinical trial enrollment process by transforming the way researchers identify and recruit eligible patients.
  • Using AI and NLP to mine structured and unstructured patient data leads to finding better-matching patients for trials in minutes not months.
  • How AI is improving the process of conducting clinical trials, specifically the impact on patient retention through AI applications in monitoring and diagnostic.
  • Findings on how patients view the use of AI in their trials.



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