Richie Bavasso, nQ Medical Inc.

Richie Bavasso Richie Bavasso is CEO and co-founder of nQ Medical Inc, a machine learning computational biomarker company leveraging personal devices to manage neuromotor diseases. nQ builds powerful, AI solutions to support the continuum of neurological health. Everyone has a unique typing signature. Research has revealed that the way we interact with our computers and mobile devices reveal with startling accuracy the presence of certain neuromotor diseases. This MIT discovered/Michael J. Fox Foundation validated artificial intelligence tool (neuroQWERTY) has opened a broad opportunity to better diagnose diseases, track disease progression, and monitor medication effectiveness and symptoms. He is also Senior Executive Consultant, Life Sciences, Americas, for Scottish Development International. In this role, he supports the Scotland Government advising and assisting Scottish life sciences start-ups in with expansion into the US market. He also works with Fortune 500 US-based life sciences companies interested in expanding their footprint in the Scottish market and seeking to promote better and more productive UK-US collaborations. Prior to nQ Medical, he founded and was CEO of RIMEDIO Inc, an eCommerce platform offering regulatory compliant content management and communications tools to consummate transactions between healthcare stakeholders. Bavasso is also one of the early pioneers of use of digital media, devices and the web as tools to support Pharma/ MedTech sales and marketing strategies and tactics. Since 1999, he worked with top 25 Pharma/ MedTech clients globally to introduce the Closed Loop Marketing (CLM) function. In that role he set procedure and precedent in the areas of sales force effectiveness, business-rule driven content management, multichannel marketing, and mobile technology. As co-founder and former President of Exploria SPS LLC, he became the first major software vendor to introduce business rule controlled content management to Pharma's commercial sales operations. He was recognized as one of the top 100 influential people in Pharma by PharmaVOICE while in this role. Prior to Exploria SPS, Mr. Bavasso served for sixteen years as CEO of Pharmedica Holdings LLC, and President of its INFLUENT Division, at the time one of the largest medical education companies in the world. He built Pharmedica holdings from its start as a meeting planning company in 1992, doubling its revenues each year until its sale in 2001. This growth included an ACCME accredited entity (Center for Medical Education LLC), a digital content division (Influent LLC), and a call center (ContextMedicus LLC). Mr. Bavasso is a licensed hospital administrator having served as Vice President at two health systems in New England. A graduate of Pepperdine University, Malibu, CA, with a BS in business administration, he received his MBA in health care management and finance from Bryant University. A frequent speaker at industry conferences and events, Mr. Bavasso serves as an advocate for the industry in promoting digital conversation as integral to the various enterprise functions within the life sciences and the medical community.


4:25 PM - 5:00 PM

Innovation Spotlight Changemaker Presentations

The Innovation Spotlight Presentation program features six changemaker speakers along with moderator Travis McCready, President & CEO of Massachusetts Life Sciences Center. Each speaker presents a concise and fast-paced 5-minute presentation that will introduce you to an innovative way of solving a problem, a new technology or tool, or a transformative approach to solving common issues facing biopharma companies today. Immediately following the spotlight presentations, attendees can meet with these innovative companies in a relaxed atmosphere during the evening reception.


Changemaker Presenters

  • Richie Bavasso

    Richie Bavasso CEO & Co-Founder nQ Medical Inc.

    • Organizations must recognize barriers to adoption of digital health. Proprietary devices and task-based apps are inversely proportional to patient adoption.
    • Target “people” and not just patients.
    • Digital health products must be built on tomorrow’s healthcare system, not today’s.


  • Kyle Martin Flickinger

    Kyle Martin Flickinger Vice President Bio Pharmaceutical Solution Strategy Deep Lens

    • Speed to Hope – What does confirmation of diagnosis in precision oncology really imply?
    • The use of digital pathology case management workflow and AI to support clinical research as a care option:
        – What is the need? What are the solutions? Where is Digital pathology heading?


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