Robert Abel, Ph.D., Schrödinger

Robert Abel, Ph.D. Robert Abel, Senior Vice President, Science, is responsible for leading efforts to further improve induced-fit docking, free energy perturbation theory, physics-based affinity scoring, and protein structure prediction; as well as supervising the Schrödinger R&D portfolio. Robert obtained his PhD from Columbia University for his work with Professor Richard Friesner on methods to quantify the role of the solvent in protein-ligand binding. He has also been awarded NSF and DHS research fellowships; published on a variety of topics including protein-ligand binding, protein dynamics, protein structure prediction, energy function development, and fluid thermodynamics; served as a referee for several prestigious journals; and co-authored multiple patent applications. Since joining Schrödinger in 2009, Robert has advanced through a number of roles to his current position.


10:55 AM - 11:20 AM

R&D Use Cases Part I

Drug Discovery is a long process that AI technologies and tools are beginning to help shorten.  The speakers in this two-part R&D Use Case session will present information on current projects where they are applying AI.  They will cover the inputs and outcomes, as well as share insights from applying AI  to their discovery projects

  • Ron Alfa, MD, Ph.D

    Ron Alfa, MD, Ph.D Senior Vice President, Translational Discovery Recursion Pharmaceuticals

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