Saurabh Saha, MD, Ph.D., Bristol-Myers Squibb

Saurabh Saha, MD, Ph.D. Saurabh Saha M.D. Ph.D. is Senior Vice President and Global Head of Translational Medicine at Bristol-Myers Squibb. Previously, Dr. Saha was a venture partner at Atlas Venture where he held leadership positions with a number of its portfolio biotech companies, including as chief medical officer of Synlogic (NASDAQ: SYBX), and as chief executive officer of Delinia until its sale to Celgene in early 2017 for $775M. In 2008, Dr. Saha established the translational research and development organization BioMed Valley Discoveries where he served as chief scientific officer and later president, and was responsible for leading the development and demonstrating human effectiveness of two first-in-class cancer therapies. Earlier in his career, Dr. Saha was a consultant in the pharmaceutical practice at McKinsey and Company and subsequently appointed director and head of the New Indications Discovery Unit at Novartis. He has published over 90 peer-reviewed articles and patents (issued and pending). Dr. Saha is on the editorial boards of a number of medical journals and is an associate member and global clinical scholar at Harvard Medical School.   Dr. Saha holds an M.D. and Ph.D. in cancer genetics from The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, where he completed his graduate studies in Bert Vogelstein’s lab. He is an alumnus of Harvard Business School and Oxford University, completing the general management program and an M.Sc. in biophysics respectively. Dr. Saha received a B.Sc. in biochemistry after graduating in two and a half years from the California Institute of Technology (Caltech).


9:50 AM - 10:20 AM

AI Applications for Identifying New Drug Candidates

Your CEO knows the company needs to adopt AI/ML technology, but they don't want to get involved in the details.  You now have the budget, but you need to produce an ROI.  What are your options when it comes to using AI tools to identify new drug candidates?  AI has the potential to become an indispensable tool but only if the near-term ROI is realized.  What questions do you need to ask to get this right and make a difference in speed, cost and outcomes?



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