Wayne R. Danter, MD, 123Genetix

Wayne R. Danter, MD Dr. Wayne Danter is the founder of 123Genetix, and a pioneer in the evolving interface between artificial intelligence (“AI”) and pharmacotherapeutics. Prior to founding 123Genetix, Dr. Danter was the Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Critical Outcome Technologies Inc., where he invented a proprietary, AI-based technology platform, which utilizes a series of predictive computer models to identify compounds with a high probability of being successfully developed from disease specific drug discovery and chemical optimization through preclinical testing.

Dr. Danter trained at the University of Western Ontario in Internal Medicine and Clinical Pharmacology. Prior to founding Critical Outcome Technologies, he was an Associate Professor of Medicine at the University of Western Ontario. His clinical focus at the University was in General Cardiology, Cardiovascular Diseases associated with HIV, and Cardiovascular Risk Management. Dr. Danter’s initial research focused on the medical application of AI technologies to disease diagnosis and outcome prediction. His research has been published in peer-reviewed publications and he has presented at numerous international meetings.


4:30 PM - 5:00 PM

Innovation Spotlight ChangeMaker Presentations

How much can you learn in five minutes? Quite a bit. Hear quick hitting presentations on the latest products, new releases, exciting innovations, and more. Each presenter will speak for 5 minutes and then will be available to answer questions during the reception.

David Wild, Ph.D. — Knowledge Graphs: A Transformative New Approach for Drug Discovery
  • Knowledge Graphs (KGs) are a transformative new way to think about drug discovery data
  • KG-based tools open up powerful new scientific and decision-making capabilities
Paul Courtney — Applications of Machine Learning in Clinical Data Management

Rashan Jibowu — Driving Strategic Decisions with Machine Learning

Leila Pirhaji, Ph.D. — AI-Driven Drug Discovery via Metabolomics
  • Metabolomics, or studying small molecules, are essential for discovering the right therapeutics for the right patients
  • How AI can contribute to characterizing a large number of metabolites, or small molecules, inexpensively and fast
Wayne R. Danter, MD — DeepNEU: Cellular Reprograming Comes of Age–a Machine Learning Platform with Application to Rare Diseases Research
  • Stem cell research will inevitably be transformed by computer technologies. The results of the initial DeepNEU project indicate that currently available stem cell data, computer software and hardware are sufficient to generate basic artificially induced pluripotent stem cells (aiPSC)
  • The application of this computer technology to generate disease specific aiPSCs has the potential to improve 1. disease modeling, 2. rapid prototyping of wet lab experiments, 3. grant application writing and 4. specific biomarker identification in a highly cost-effective manner



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