“The much-needed honest discussion of what is hype and what is possible – the challenges, failures and successes of these technologies – was hotly debated at the AI Applications Summit”
Michael S. Blum, Associate Vice Chancellor for Informatics, Chief Digital Technology Officer, Director, Center for Digital Health Innovation


Great speakers and superbly focused talks. As someone tracking the leading edge of AI in Pharma, I found this meeting to be extremely high-impact.”
– Malorye Branca, Managing Partner, Word Control & Co-author, “MoneyBall Medicine: Thriving in the New Data-Driven Healthcare Market”


“Thanks again for the well-run AI Summit. My colleague and I were able to strengthen our knowledge and contacts in this space.”
Henry Che, Director, R&D Information Systems, Gilead Sciences


“Currently, drug discovery is a blind search through chemical libraries, which is not that efficient. The AI Applications Summit is an important gathering of thought leaders to discuss better options, such as generative AI models, which can potentially speed up the drug discovery process by proposing a limited amount of high promising molecules instead of thousands with unknown activities and possibly increase the drug space (finding new drug, a new mechanism of action, new chemistry).”
Polina Mamoshina, Research Scientist, Pharma AI a division of Insilico Medicine


“As an attendee, I found the focus on the healthcare ecosystem for networking with speakers and other participants to be very valuable.”
Brian Mitchell, Director, Strategic Alliance Center of Excellence, Merck


“Therapeutic interventions that you can use are where the rubber meets the road. If the results coming from data and its analysis are not actionable, the data is not immediately useful. The fastest way to increase utility is through data sharing. Changing the culture to allow for sharing starts with discussions and debates like those that took place at the AI Applications Summit.”
 John Quackenbush, Professor of Biostatistics and Computation Biology, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health