Why Attend?

The AI Applications in Biopharma Summit 2018 is the largest gathering of research and data driven biopharma disruptors. It is an opportunity to get beyond the science of AI and discuss how to optimize the available tools when implementing AI strategies.

Attend to:

  • Delve deeper into the specific areas where applications of AI are happening now including R&D, clinical trials and real-world evidence
  • Discover what is real vs. hype. The event will feature only real world case studies
  • Hear expert speakers discuss obstacles they have faced when implementing AI strategies and how to overcome them to achieve ROI
  • Explore different strategies for achieving ROI and driving AI initiatives forward, including how to overcome internal and external skepticism
  • Engage in one-to-one conversations with AI in Biopharma Movement ChangeMakers and get your questions answered
  • Understand why changing your workflow to maximize the value of AI tools will deliver exponential returns instead of incremental results
  • Network with your peers who are addressing the growing use of AI, machine learning, and other related technologies and discuss how to evaluate these new technologies, identify strategies to effectively integrate new technologies into your organizations, and develop collaborative initiatives to move data sharing and innovation forward