The 2020 Summit features 4 in depth tracks focused on:

Research & discovery – Hear the latest on: enhanced targeting, process improvement, using predictive analytics to rank and prioritize assets in the move toward more personalized medicines. Content will also cover collaboration models that are vital component to a fundamental commitment to R&D.

Clinical development - How AI/ML is improving outcomes in areas including: ADME Tox, Pharmacovigilance, Patient Recruitment, Adherence and Retention in Clinical Trials. Presentations will also explore the emerging areas of Digital Therapeutics and Virtual and Hybrid Trials.

Genomics – Discover how AI is helping to boost genomics efficacy across the pipeline including: How organizations are using genomic data in specific therapeutic areas; What insights are being drawn from genomic data sets; What information is being parsed and what’s useful in enabling outcomes.

Strategy & leadership - Designed for scientific and technology leaders to hear from peers where the industry is headed and to discuss what is needed to move faster. Learn how shifts in business models, organizational structure, automation, and talent management are important in driving the industry forward Fill in the form to download the 2020 draft agenda

Fill in the form to download the 2020 draft agenda

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