Executive Vice President

TransCelerate BioPharma, Inc.

Janice Chang is the Executive Vice President at TransCelerate BioPharma Inc. In her position, Janice works closely with the CEO and the Board of Directors to shape the long-term strategic vision and objectives for the organization and its 30 initiatives. Janice defines and guides TransCelerate’s overall external engagement strategy with international regulatory bodies, other industry groups, and its own country network spanning 30 nations. She is responsible for overseeing TransCelerate’s corporate operations and the ongoing delivery of the initiatives’ tools and deliverables.

With a background of 20+ years of experience in large pharma, biotechnology, regulatory compliance, and medical devices, Janice joined TransCelerate at its founding in 2012. She has worked tirelessly to help execute TransCelerate’s mission to collaborate across the global biopharmaceutical R&D community to identify, prioritize, design, and facilitate implementation of solutions designed to drive the efficient, effective, and high-quality delivery of new medicines.

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