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Parthenon Therapeutics

Laurent Audoly is a serial biotech entrepreneur and senior executive in thebiotech/pharmaindustry. He has contributed to the identification and development of 7 novel approved medicines addressing unmet medical need across multiple disease areas generating> $2B in annual sales. He has most recently founded Parthenon Therapeutics,a precision oncology biotech operating at the intersection of systems biology, machine learning, pharmacology, and drug development to beat recalcitrant cancers. He also serves as an independent board member(Cytovia,Vanderbilt). Priorto Parthenon, Laurent was at the helm of Kymera as its founding CEO. Earlier in his career, he held positions of increasing leadership responsibilities at Pfizer,Merck,and biotechs contributing to the advancement of 21 drug candidates. He is an inventor and authored over 70 papers and patents. He studied chemistry and pharmacology (Ph.D.) at Vanderbilt University and was the recipient of an American Heart Association Fellowship at Duke University


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1:20 PM - 1:45 PM
Research & Discovery View Session

Molecule Generation

Use Case: Using AI to Deconvolute and Take Away the Complexity of Biology: Developing the Next Generation of Precision Oncology Therapeutics to Strike and Beat Cancer

Transformative treatment advances in oncology require a greater understanding of cancer as a complex disease and matching treatment to patient tumor biology. This use case will cover an example of a platform that leverages systems biology and pharmacology-based AI to develop a new wave of therapeutics and inform the rational design of combination trials matched to the right patient population.

Laurent Audoly, Ph.D, CEO, Founder, Parthenon Therapeutics

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