Founder & CSO

Nuritas, Ltd.

Dr. Nora Khaldi is the founder and chief scientific officer of Nuritas, a disruptive drug discovery company leveraging the power of artificial intelligence to discover entirely new peptide-based therapeutics in areas of unmet medical need. As an early visionary and pioneer of AI for discovery, Dr. Khaldi, with an interdisciplinary academic background in mathematics, molecular evolution, computational genomics and bioinformatics established Nuritas in 2014 with a mission to establish a hybrid TechBio company to identify new putative drugs from within natural and safe sources- paving the path towards safer, less costly and more sustainable drug discovery and development. In 2017, Dr. Khaldi was named Woman of the Decade in Business and Leadership at the Women Economic Forum (WEF) European Union Event and received the Rising Star prize form the Tech Excellence Awards. Dr. Khaldi continues to lead the Nuritas team in their goal of reaching billions of people with their life-changing discoveries, working with global leaders such as BASF, Nestle and other thought leaders.

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